A Step By Step Guide to Boosting Your Christian Ministry’s Online Presence

Social media can be a great tool for boosting your ministry’s online presence. It can also go a long way in promoting dialog, fostering community, and deepening the level of engagement within your ministry. Here is our step-by-step guide to get you started.

While the overall principals in this first level of training apply to any social media platform, we’ll be focusing on using Facebook first because we believe it’s a great place for anyone to start.

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Ten Steps To Get You Started

  1. How To Think About Your Online Presence

    An online home is important for any Christian ministry. This screencast will give you a framework to help you think through where you should start, in terms of social media and the online world, and how you should prioritize your time so that your online presence can be as focused as possible.

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  3. Facebook Pages, Groups, and Profiles: What’s the Difference?

    Between pages, groups, and personal profiles, there are a lot of ways for a Christian ministry to promote community and engagement on Facebook. Understanding the nuances between the three can be a little tricky though. Here’s a screen cast to help you get started.

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  5. How To Create a Facebook Page

    Building a Facebook PageCreating a Facebook fan page is a breeze. These two videos will show you how, and walk you through the basic settings you’ll need to get started.

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  7. Installing Apps Like “Starting With God” and “The Four Spiritual Laws” To Your Facebook Page

    Starting With GodFacebook apps from Campus Crusade for Christ can help you minister through your Facebook page and engage people in spiritual conversations. This tutorial will show you how to browse and install our apps on all of your Facebook pages.

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  9. How To Get Fans For Your Facebook Page

    FB FansNow that your ministry is on Facebook, it’s time to get fans for your page, and build a community. This video shows you some simple steps to take to get more Facebook fans, and to see growth in your ministry.

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  11. Communicating Through Your Facebook Page

    Communicating with FansCommunicating with your Christian ministry via Facebook is an easy way to build community. This video tutorial shows you how.

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  13. How To Reach The Most People On Facebook Through The News Feed

    Newsfeed OptimizationThe news feed is one of the most effective ways to engage people within Facebook. Here are some quick tips to help your Christian ministry reach more people by optimizing your use of the News Feed.

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  15. Moderating Comments On Your Facebook Page

    moderating your fanpageThis Facebook training video from LifeChurch.tv offers some tips on how to moderate the conversations taking place on your Facebook page.

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  17. How to Create Facebook Events

    Facebook EventsFacebook events can be a great tool for your Christian ministry. Check out this video guide to get started.

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  19. Facebook Videos, Photos, and Notes

    Video Photos and NotesFacebook videos, photos, and notes can be great tools for a Christian ministry to promote community and engagement. Check out these tutorial videos to find out how to use them.

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